A holistic way to improving your health.

This site has been manifested from a life long journey of  developing an awareness of the subtle flow of physical and soulful energy.  When this life force energy is allowed to flow at it's most beautiful, raw, untouched stream, we are guided to act from a place of unconditional love and forgiveness.   The idea is  to provide healing using alternative health therapy to those  who believe that there is more to one's health then what is provided by traditional  Western medicinal practise.  While not intending to replace or negate any past or existing medical treatment, rather the intention is to act as an add-on to your health and wellness. 



Annie The Angel Reader offers wellness  that is individual and specific to you.  Beginning with a consultation to uncover what it is that brought you together and what your Spirit Guides and Archangels intuit to be the most positive path for your healing journey.


Annie The Angel Reader

Certified Angel Communication Specialist,

Mentor Wise Woman University

Reiki Practitioner,

Student of Astrology

Medium, Unconditional Mystic~Momma Love 

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Burlington, Ontario




Online readings available during Covid-19

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